Getting Students Started

Helping students get started with Utah Compose is easy. Once they have logged in they will be able to begin pre-writing or writing immediately. Click on the tabs to find out more information that will help your class get started.

You can also view and share this video above with your students

Student Login

  • Begin by instructing your students to launch an Internet browser and enter to access the Utah Compose Welcome page.
  • Before students can log in, they should be provided with their username and password.
  • Students will log in with their SSID (000 + 7-digits) as their username and password. Students will then select a new password after their first login. If students are only enrolled in one course, they will be taken to that course's home page. If students are enrolled in multiple courses, they will be taken to the Select a Course page. Have the students select the appropriate course.
  • You can view student passwords by going to the Students tab and hovering over the black dots under the password column.

Helpful Tip: Each course has a unique course code, so if there is any confusion between you and the student, please reference the course code for confirmation.

Selecting a Prompt

  • To begin writing, instruct students to click the Practice tab.
  • If a prompt was recommended to a student by the teacher (Advanced Option setting when adding/editing a prompt), the student will see the prompt at the top of the prompt list under the Recommended by your teacher section. Teachers can instruct students to select a specific writing prompt, or they can allow students to choose any prompt from the list.

Select Prompt

  • Students can either click the Pre-Writing button to select and complete a Graphic Organizer or begin writing in the text box.

Constructed Response Scoring:

  • Constructed response scoring is designed to instantly score responses that are 250 words or fewer. This scoring is perfect when writing individual paragraphs, explanations in math class, and much more!
  • Constructed response essays receive a holistic score on a scale from 1 to 3 based on focus, purpose, organization, structure, and specific information. Student responses and scores are accessible in the Writing History for students and teachers, as well as in the Progress, Prompt, and Usage reports.
  • To utilize constructed response, add a prompt on the Prompts tab. When selecting the prompt's genre, select "Constructed Response."
  • The constructed response rubric can be found by clicking on Rubrics located at the bottom of every page.

Graphic Organizers

  • If students choose the Pre-Writing option, they will have access to a variety of Graphic Organizers.
    NOTE: Graphic organizers are not available for constructed response prompts.
  • To access a printable version, have the student click on the organizer and click the Printable Version button.
  • To complete an organizer online, have students double-click on the selected organizer.  Text can be written directly into the organizer. When students are ready, they should click Next to view their organizer as they begin writing their essay. The organizer will appear above the writing box.
  • If students wish to save their Graphic Organizer and any text they have entered before they begin writing their essay, they should click Save and Quit

Select Organizer

Writing an Essay

  • To begin and submit their writing, the student may click on Begin Writing, and then type text directly into the writing box, copying and pasting from the organizer, or copying and pasting from another document.

Writing an Essay

  • If at any time the students wish to stop working, they should click on Save and Quit.
  • Once the students are finished with their essay, they should click Submit. Within seconds, the draft will be scored and a Score Report will be displayed.  

Student Score Report

One of my students accidentally deleted part/all of their essay. Can I recover the lost work?

  • Yes. Essays are automatically saved every 60 seconds. Teachers have access to the essay response at each of these save points.
  • On the teacher home page, click the Students tab.
  • Recover Lost Work
  • Find the student and click the circle beside the student to select.
  • Click View Drafts.
  • The View Drafts page will appear. Click on the desired draft. A dialog will pop up allowing every auto-save to be viewed.
  • Select the desired autosave. Select and copy the text. You can either paste the essay text into an e-mail or document to send to the student, or you can log in as the student, select the desired prompt, paste the text, and click Submit.

Recover Lost Work / View Drafts

Student Score Reports

  • Students will see specific spelling and grammar errors highlighted within the scored draft.
  • To review errors and read suggestions for improvement, have students click on a highlighted error and use the arrow keys to navigate to the next error.
  • Student Scoring Categories
  • Student scores are displayed based on the Utah Compose Scoring Rubric including a total holistic score and a score for each of the six categories of writing.
  • Have students scroll down to view suggestions for improvement and lesson recommendations for each category. 
  • To access a lesson, have students click on the lesson link.
  • Students may return to the essay and the report from the Lessons page by clicking on Back.

Highlighted Errors and Comments

Helping Students with the Peer Review Tool

Students can send and receive peer feedback about their writing through the Peer Review Tool. Once teachers have assigned students to a group, students can begin to use the peer review feature. Students can submit multiple drafts of an essay and can decide which draft they would like to be reviewed.

Peer Review Tool

To do this, students simply click on the Request button under the Peer Review heading on the right side of the score report. When a request for review has been submitted, a message will be displayed stating the date and time of the request. As reviews are completed, this is shown, as well.

Request Peer Review

Remember: By default, each prompt is enabled for peer reviews and the names of the student writers and reviewers are shown. To turn off the peer review feature for a specific prompt, select Disabled in the Prompt Advanced Options page.

Student-to-Teacher Messaging

  • To write a message to the teacher, ask students to type in the Messages box  and click Submit.
  • The teacher will see the message in the Student Writing History upon login and be able to view all messages to and from students in every draft of the essay.
  • The teacher can also leave messages for students about a draft or graphic organizer in order to help the student with their writing process.

Student Teacher Messaging

Revising an Essay

  • To revise an essay, have the students select the essay from the Writing History page, then click on the Revise button. The previous draft will appear and students may make any desired changes.
  • When the students are finished they should click Submit.

Essay Formatting and Finalizing

  • When a student is completely finished revising the content of an essay (after several revisions and peer reviews, if desired), the student can format and finalize the essay for publication.
  • To format an essay, have students click the Format button. An alert will appear, asking students if they are sure they want to start formatting. Revisions made to students' essays while formatting will not be updated in scored draft(s).
  • Students have many formatting options including font, font size, bold, italics, subscripts, etc.
  • If students need to return to essay revising and scoring, have them click the Return to Revising button.
    NOTE: If students click this button, all text added and changes made during formatting will be lost.

Formatting an Essay

  • To preview their formatted essays, have students click the Preview button.
  • Students can click Edit to make more formatting changes or Finalize to finalize essays. Any content-related changes students make at this point will not be reflected in their scores.
  • Once students click Finalize, another alert will appear, reminding students that no formatting or other changes can be made at this point.
  • Students can click the Print button to print their finalized essays.

Finalize Essay

  • When a student or teacher selects a finalized essay from the Writing History, the last scored draft is shown by default. To view the finalized essay, have the students click Published Essay under the submission history.