Planning and Writing an Essay

Utah Compose provides tools for each step in the writing process, from pre-writing to editing. Use the links on the left to learn how to select a prompt, utilize a graphic organizer, and write and revise an essay.

Selecting a Prompt

  • To begin writing, click the Practice tab.
  • Select a prompt based on what your teacher has assigned or choose a prompt that interests you. Any prompts recommended by your teacher will be listed in the Recommended by your Teacher section.

Select Prompt

  • Click the prompt title. Read the prompt carefully and view any links or files provided. Decide if you would like to plan your writing using an online graphic organizer or begin typing a draft of your essay.
  • Click the Pre-Writing button to select and complete a graphic organizer or click the Begin Writing button to start entering your writing into the text box to be scored.

Graphic Organizers

  • If you choose the Pre-Writing option, you will have access to a variety of graphic organizers. NOTE: Graphic organizers are not available for constructed response prompts.
  • To access a printable version, click the organizer and click the Printable Version button.
  • To complete an organizer online, double-click the selected organizer. Text can be written directly into the organizer.
  • When you have completed your organizer, click Next to begin writing your essay. The organizer will appear above the writing box. If you are not ready to begin writing, you can save the organizer and the text you have entered by clicking Save and Quit.

Graphic Organizers

Writing an Essay

  • To begin and submit your writing, you can type text directly into the writing box, copy and paste text from the graphic organizer, or copy and paste text from another document. 

Using the Graphic Organizer

  • If at any time you wish to stop working, click Save and Quit.
  • Once you are finished with your essay, click Submit.  Within seconds, the draft will be scored and a Score Report will be displayed. 

Writing an Essay