The Users Tab

School administrators have the ability to manage student and teacher accounts accordingly. Click on one of the tabs to find out how to perform a certain task for a user.

Viewing and printing a school roster

As a School Administrator, you can access and edit student and teacher account information in your school. To view a list of existing users at your school, complete the following steps.

Users List

  • From your Manage School page, click the Users tab. The Find a User page displays the User Names (up to 50 per page in alphabetical order) of all the student and teacher users at your school along with the Full Name, School, and Role (or type).
  • Click the filter drop down arrow at the top of the page to "Only show users who are "teachers" or "students"-"Or"- you can click the Include Inactive Users check box to also display the "Inactive" users.
  • To navigate through the pages of users, you can click the View/Next link at the bottom of the page. -Or- search for a specific user by typing all or part of a user's name or username in the Search field and click the magnifying glass icon. All users matching the search criteria and role will be displayed.
  • Click PRINT to print a copy of your entire roster. The roster is displayed in a new browser window with the Name (listed alphabetically by last name), username, and password.
  • When the print dialog box appears, select your local or network printer and click OK.

Adding a New Student to the School

In order to add a student account into Utah Compose, school administrators need to contact their assessment director, who will update the School Information System (SIS). This process usually takes 24-48 hours to upload into Utah Compose.

Inactivating a Student Account

  • To inactivate a student account, find and select the student, and click the Student's name.
  • Click the Status drop-down menu and select Inactive. This disables the student account which prevents the student from logging into the website but does not delete the student or their writing portfolio from the Utah Compose system.

Inactivating Student

Adding a New Teacher to a School

School administrators can add new teacher accounts by contacting their assessment director, who will update the information in the School Information System.

Paraprofessionals can be added to Utah Compose without a CACTUS ID number.  They should contact their school admin to verify that they do not have a CACTUS ID or a Utah Compose teacher account. The admin can create a teacher account for the paraprofessional, and add students from existing school rosters. Please use this sparingly. This feature was not designed to thwart the data security web service for individuals with CACTUS ID numbers.

Adding a Teacher