Usage Reports for Students

On the Portfolio tab, the Usage reports allow you to keep track of your activity in Utah Compose.

Summary Report

The Summary report displays the total number of essay and draft submissions and the average number of drafts submitted per essay. It also shows the number of peer reviews given and received, and the amount of time spent on lessons. Constructed response usage is also shown.

  • Click on report categories in green to see more detailed usage data for each category. 

Essays Report

The Essays report displays a list of the prompts to which you have responded and the number of drafts written for each prompt.

  • Click on a Date in the table to display the Score Report for an essay.

Peer Reviews Report

The Peer Reviews report displays peer reviews you have given and those received from members of your peer review group.

The table shows the Date of the review, the Prompt name, and the name of the Author or Reviewer.

  • To view a peer review submission, click on the date. The essay will display along with the completed review. 

Lesson Usage Report

The Lesson Usage table and chart show the amount of time you have spent on lessons in each category.

  • Click on a lesson Category to view the amount of time spent on each lesson.
  • To view time spent on lessons in a different category, click the drop-down menu above the chart and make a selection.

Constructed Responses Report

The Constructed Responses report displays a list of submitted constructed responses, showing the Date the most recent draft was submitted, the Prompt Name, and the Number of Drafts submitted for each response. 

  • Click on a Date in the table to view the Score Report for a constructed response.