Managing Schools in a District

As district administrator you will be able to view a list of the schools in your district and be able to edit school information if applicable. You will also see existing courses.

If you need to add teachers or courses, please instruct the school administrator or data specialist to update the information in the School Information System (SIS). The information usually takes 24-48 hours until it is uploaded into Utah Compose.

Finding a School

  • Click the Schools tab. On the Find a School page, district administrators will see a list of schools that are using Utah Compose within their assigned district.
  • Click the name of the school to edit school information and manage courses for a specific school.

Finding your School

Editing School Information

  • After selecting a school, scroll down to the Address section, add or edit the desired address information, and click Save.
  • To add or edit the primary contact information, scroll down the Manage School page to the Primary Contact section, add or edit the desired information, and click Save.

Managing Courses in a School

After selecting the school, scroll down to the middle of the Manage School page to see a list of all courses created for the selected school.

Manage School Information

Viewing Existing Courses

  • The Courses table includes a list of all active courses and details about each course including the date created, course name, course code, status, assigned grade level, and the number of students added. Use the page numbers and the Previous/Next buttons below the table to view more courses.
  • To view all courses including those with an inactive or closed status, select All Courses from the drop-down list. 

Adding a New Course

Utah Compose courses are preloaded. If there is a particular course that needs to be added to a school, contact the school administrator or data specialist, who will update the information through the School Information System. Please note, that this process takes 24-48 hours.