Managing District-Level Prompt

District Administrators have the capacity to manage district level prompts.

Does your district or certain schools in your district block YouTube access? Some of our prompts include stimulus videos from YouTube. Below is a list of prompts that contain YouTube videos. Please get the YouTube video files approved, so that teachers and students will be able to access the stimuli for the following prompts.

Grade 3: How Roller Coasters Work

Grade 4: Camels:  Ships of the Desert and Help from Clouds

Grade 5: How do Geysers Change the Earth’s Surface?, Making Buildings Safer, Why Study Animals?, The Pony Express, and Why is Minecraft So Popular?

Grade 6: Analysis: "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and That's Too Noisy!

Grade 7: Poem to Narrative: "The Highwayman"

Grade 8: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Grade 9: Is West Side Story Shakespeare?

Grade 12: Sweet and Right? Poison Gas in WWI

Viewing Pre-Packaged and District Prompts

The writing prompts available to schools in your district are pre-packaged at the system level, created at the district level, and can also be created and shared at the school level. As a district administrator, you cannot make changes to pre-packaged or school-level prompts; however, you can edit and modify (enable or disable) the status of district-level prompts.

Viewing District and School Prompt List

  • Click the Prompts tab to view a list of writing prompts available to your district. 
  • Prompts are labeled with icons to denote the enabled/disabled status, genre, stimulus material attached, level, and content area. Hover over the icon to read the description of what it represents.  
  • In addition to the icons, the prompt list contains the prompt title and partial text. To read the full prompt, click the plus sign next to the prompt description. 
  • Click the name of the prompt to view the title, prompt description, genre, content area, sub-genre if applicable and assigned grade level(s). 
  • You can also view any stimulus material that has been attached to the prompt by clicking Prompt Title.
    NOTE: Some of the stimulus material contains links to the Internet (denoted with a link icon). Students will use these links to access material for their response to the prompt. Please click the links and review the content of the webpages prior to enabling the prompts for student use. 
  • Click the filters to narrow the list of prompts by status, genre, level, sub-genre, and content area.  

Adding and Editing a District Prompt

In addition to the dozens of pre-packaged prompts available to teachers in your district, you can add your own district-level prompts to the Current Prompts list and share them with schools across the district. To add a new district-level prompt, complete the following steps:

Adding a District Prompt

  • To create and add a writing prompt, click the Add button.    
  • Enter the title and the prompt, and select the genre and grade level(s). You can also select a sub-genre and content area for the prompt.  Click Save
  • If you would like to add stimulus material such as reading passages, website URLs, or graphics, click Save and Add Stimulus Material.

Add Stimulus Material

  • To add a document or an image, enter a label for the document, and click Choose File to upload the document. To add a website URL, enter a label, select URL, and enter the website URL.  
  • Click the checkbox stating that you agree to the terms for uploading stimulus material. Click Save
  • To finish creating a prompt, click Save
  • To edit a prompt that you have created and saved, click on the prompt title, make the necessary changes and click Save

Sharing Prompts

Sharing Prompt

  • To make a prompt available for use by schools in your district, click the button next to the prompt name and click Enable. All enabled prompts created by district administrators will automatically be shared with any school in the district that has a course in the same grade level as the shared prompt.
  • To make a prompt unavailable for use by schools in your district, click the button next to the prompt name and click Disable. Any district-level prompt that is disabled cannot be viewed by school users until it becomes enabled.

    NOTE: District-level prompts will be viewable in the teacher's list of prompts but MUST be enabled by the teacher in order for their students to view and use the prompt.